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Our Winners

Top teams from the 2023 season

Hunter + Tony Nitti

Last year Hunter and Tony came out on top and left with a brand new Skeeter boat. 

Dave Askew + Zach Meyer

Presenting our 2023 WavePro team of the year for exceptional angling. 

Let's Talk Prizes

Bigger and Better Than Ever

Gear up for a tournament tailored for Midwest anglers where cash rewards await, turning your fishing expertise into big gain. Boat order is first come first serve – hurry and register today! 


No other boat manufacturer boasts the rich history and heritage of Skeeter. For over 75 years, generations of anglers have trusted Skeeter for their best fishing memories. Our production process uses advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, many of which were first used in aerospace applications. Skeeter’s X-Treme and EX-Cell composite construction ensure a smooth, dry and safe trip to your favorite fishing hole.

1st place, 1 day events - $7,680*

Seize the chance to claim the top prize of $7,680, turning a single day of skillful angling into a lucrative victory. It’s not just a tournament; it’s a high-stakes adventure where every cast counts.

1st place, 2 day event - $10,240*

Join us for an exhilarating two-day tournament where your angling skills can reel in big rewards! The top prize stands at an impressive $10,240, making this event a thrilling opportunity for Midwest fishermen to showcase their prowess and take home a significant cash haul.

For a full breakdown of payouts

* Payouts based on full fields. Payout amount will be 80% of registrations received.