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The Skeeter Yamaha Winners Circle

We wrapped up our 2024 Mille Lacs Lake events with a 2-day tournament on June 21st & 22nd.  With the buzz of heavy bags during pre-fishing we anxiously waited to see what the winning bag would look like Saturday.  Our anglers did not disappoint with the heavy bag on Friday from Dave Askew and Jullian Godlewski breaking the 34-pound mark.   Going into day 2 there was talk that it would take 65-70 total pounds to win here.  With a change in weather in the morning we sent them off in the rain that eventually turned into sunny skies and then back to rain as boats returned for the weigh-in.  As if someone was looking into a crystal ball, the combined weight to win was 66.0 pounds brought in by Ryan Hansen and Jeff Johnson.  With a difference of only 0.70 pound in the top 3 places, there was excitement in the air.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for everyone as we take a short break and then continue the trail to Lake of the Woods on Thursday July 11th and Friday July 12th.

1st Place: 66.0 pounds Ryan Hansen and Jeff Johnson with a check for $7,323.00

2nd Place: 65.35 pounds James and Adam Koecher with a check for $3,328.00

3rd Place 65.30 pounds Jeff Bruska and James Swaggert with a check for $1,664.00

Wave Pro Big Fish Winners

Tie going to Scott Hansen and Taylor Patnode

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1st place, 1 day events - $7,680*

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1st place, 2 day event - $10,240*

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* Payouts based on full fields. Payout amount will be 80% of registrations received.