The Minnesota Tournament Trail starts at pool 4 of the Mississippi and ends at The Lake Of The Woods for the championship with stops at Big Stone, Mille Lacs Lake, and Lake Winnibigoshish in between.
Red Wing 4-18 L-R
J Wildeman, C Jennings, V Malbraaten, P Rooney, B Standly, A Standly, M Stans, H Dunn
Kneeling - E Otto-R Holm

Red Wing 4-19  L-R
R Pfeifer, D Pfeifer, G Rudisill, B Schneider, S Forsberg, D Webeck
Kneeling: T Zimmerman- R HolmBig Stone 5/2 L-R
S Lyons, S Zupfer, T Skorich, B Kjoberg, T Tesch, G LeClair
C Hauger-D Sunne

Big Stone 5/3 L-R
C Hauger, D Sunne, I Pauly, T Pauly, R Seidell, B Hasslen
N Gilkey-S Flemming

5/16 Mille Lacs L-R 
P Schneider, K DeCamp, M Klein, A Kichler, T Ajax, M Ajax
Kneeling:  R Niedzielski - P Ruis
5/17 Mille Lacs  L-R
F Spiess, R Odash, C Mokoff, J Drager 
(Not pictured D Ryks-K Novotny)
Kneeling: K DeCamp-P Schneider
5/30 Mille Lacs L-R 
S Schultz, C Schultz, D Ryks, K Novotny, M Christenson, J Thelen
Knelling: T Maanum - R Grates5/31 Mille Lacs  L-R
B Carlson, J Hukriede, K DeCamp, P Schneider, G Drontle, D Drontle
Kneeling: T Krolak - M FeriancekLake Winni 7/18/2015
P Ruis, T Maanum, B Schroeder, A Schroeder, A Orgon, B Ullman, J Ness, L Kortuem
Kneeling: T Grunklee - B SkoglundLake Winni 7/19/15
B Trombley, J Trombley, D Ulrich, S Determan, A Jackson, M Staples, B Schroeder, A Schroeder
Kneeling: V Clasen - S MatthewsLake Winni 8/1
C Jahn, D Jahn, D Janousek, R Swenson, B Nitti, B Dunaiski, T Browen, R Wurzl
Kneeling: J Trombley - B TrombleyLake Winni 8/15 L-R
B Nitti, B Dunaiski, J Ness, L Kortuem, T Grunklee, J Hunt, B Standly, A Standly
Kneeling:  M Christensen - E Nesius
2015  Awards Pictures
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