The Minnesota Tournament Trail starts at pool 4 of the Mississippi and ends at The Lake Of The Woods for the championship with stops at Big Stone, Mille Lacs Lake, and Lake Winnibigoshish in between.
Red Wing 4-17-10
Standing Left to right
Josh Bastyr, Jim Huston, Eric Otto, Ryan Holm, Matt Buesking, Bill Schneider
Kneel (L-R)- Mike Schommer Jr - Jason SchommerRed Wing 4-18-10
Standing Left to Right Jim Adsem, Nate Olson, Pat Rooney, Virgil Malbraaten, David Schultz, Rick Schultz
Kneel (l-r)  Mike Schommer Jr - Jason SchommerBig Stone 5/8/10 Standing L-R
James Merkins, Bryan Winterfeldt, Todd Zemke, Duane Hoyer, Shane Spooner, Chad Hauger
Kneeling: Curt Brown and Tim JuntunenBig Stone 5/9/10 Standing L-R Duane Hoyer, Todd Zemke, Dan Thompson, Phil Keefauver, Todd Hedtke, Dean Adams
Kneeling: Dennis Drontle and Greg Drontle5/22/10 Mille Lacs  Left to Right
Steve Fellegy, Tim Abraham, Scott Peters, Craig Wohlers, Christ Peters, Scott Schultz
Kneel: Pete Semler Scott Olmstead5/23/10 Mille Lacs Left to Right
Chris Bauer, Josh Hukriede, Jerry Riege, Clayton Keister, Christ Peters, Scott Schultz
Kneel: Eric Magedanz Jim Magedanz6/5/10 Mille Lacs
Left - Right
 E Anttila, C Hall, M St Martin, M Gangl, J Thelen, M Christensen, T Hedtke,D Adams
Kneeling: D Pfeifer R Pfeifer6/6/10 Mille Lacs
T Krolak, M Feriancek, D Anderson, M Applen, D Ryks, K Novotny
Kneeling T Court  R Rothstein6/19/10 Lake Winnibigoshish
S.Determan, C.Dobias, B.Trombley, D.Trombley, D.Warmbold, T.Warmbold
Kennel: J Dunaiski - B Dunaiski6/20/10 Lake Winnibigoshish
M.Bujarski, M.Bujarski, B.Standly,A.Standly, D.Olson,R.Olson
Kneel: D.Drontle - G.Drontle7/9/10 Lake of the Woods
Left to right
M Bujarski, M Bujarski, TJ Geurkink, T Geurkink, G Dickmeyer, D Dickmeyer
Kneeling   J Riege - C Keister
7/10/10 Lake of the Woods
C Hanson, T Stay, B Picht, S Picht, P Keefauver, D Thompson
Kneeling   L Jonassen - M Sindelir
 7/24/10 Lake Winnibigoshish
Left to Rt
M Bujarski, M Bujarski, R Zarn, M Lambrecht, Z Dunaiski, B Dunaiski
Kneel:  J Isaman - R Isaman
7/25/10 Lake Winnibigoshish
D Ryks, K Novotny, D Jahn, C Jahn, E Nesius, M Christensen
Kneel:  M Bujarski - M BujarskiTwo Day 8/7/10 Lake Winnibigoshish
G Drontle, D Drontle, R Zarn, M Lambrecht, D Jahn, C Jahn
Kneeling L-R:  D Thompson - P.KeefauverTwo day 8/21/10 Mille Lacs
Left to Right
C. Peters, S. Schultz, T.Hedtke, D.Adams, J.Huston, J.Bastyr
Mark Bujarski-Mike Bujarski
2010 Awards Pictures
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