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The Minnesota Tournament Trail starts at pool 4 of the Mississippi and ends at The Lake Of The Woods for the championship with stops at Big Stone, Mille Lacs Lake and Lake Winnibigoshish in between.
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1. All Walleyes recorded must be from event site.
2. All boats will be inspected before takeoff
3. MTT anglers must provide and use a camera that utilizes secure digital (SD) format memory card. The camera must feature a standard rectilinear type lens. (No 'Fisheye' type lenses allowed)
4. MTT PRT events are designed for weigh-in through photo and score card process. No Fish will be brought to weigh-in.
5. This format requires a complete photographic record of each fish scored. Both sides of each fish must be photographed.
6. Partners agree on the Length of the fish to 1/4 inch accuracy. If the tail of the fish touches or crosses a 1/4 inch graduation line on the ruler, the length may be rounded up on the ruler. The length may be rounded up an additional 1/4 inch. DO NOT get greedy on lengths or you can lose the entire fish if it is not what you say it is! Be Conservative. Look at the little bit you are gaining . Be Sure of it.
7. Once fish is caught it is placed on the ruler. Bump bar on ruler must always be to the left. One Hand (Palm) over the fish gill plate, mouth closed, and tail pinched. Fish measured any other way; you will lose that fish.
8. With the fish being held on the ruler, a photo must be taken of fish validating the agreed upon length. This photo must clearly show the head and tail of the fish. The photo must be taken of the left side of the fish only. Belly of fish towards the angler holding the fish, head to the left. Remember Belly to Belly on the partner measuring the fish. Bump bar must always be to the left on person measuring the fish. A photo that does not clearly show the head of the fish and tail of the fish on the left side of the fish on the ruler will not be scored.
9. Another photo must be taken of the Right side of the fish - Media Shot.
10. The fish must then be released back into the water.
11. Record the length of the fish on MTT Scorecard.
12. In the event that two fish are caught as the same time, the PRT format requires that one fish be measured, photographed, recorded and released as quick as possible before next fish is processed.
13. No Fish are ever to be put in your Live-well and No fish can be held in water with nets, stringers, etc. You will be disqualified if fish enter your well.
14. While a fish is in the boat being measured. Anglers are not allowed to reset or put fishing lines in the water until after fish is processed and released. Normal fishing can then resume.
15. 5 Fish Scored Each Day.
16. If a Photo is visually blocked, not the right length, you will lose that fish. Now you are down to 4 fish. We will not replace fish.
17. Add Correctly, double check, if you write a number down that is over your total, you will be zeroed. If you write down a number lower than what it is you will only get credit for that amount. We will not correct wrong addition.
18. If you check 6 Fish in your TOP 5 column, you will be zeroed. It is the same as bringing too many fish to the scales.
19. Minimum length 14 inches, so a fish 13 3/4 equals 14.
20. A fish can only be scored One Time.
21. Everything (ruler, clipboard, scorecard, conversion chart, pencils, sharpener) all get turned in, in the bag they were given to you in, all at once at the end of each day. Loss of anything will result in a ZERO for the Day. Lost ruler $75.00 charge.
Registration for PRT Events

To avoid late fees of $20, all entries must be received 7 days prior to the event. (Late fees will not be charged to new members or on the first event you fish per year).

You can register at the registration site prior to the rules meeting.

One person from each team must attend Registration/Rules Meeting.

There will be no orientation or rules given out the morning of events.

Anglers Must supply their own Camera. Make Sure your camera uses an SD card (not micro SD). 

Following are Rules for the Photo-Release-Tournaments (PRT).  Also check out the
Video on how to measure with this system.